beeny (milesxaway) wrote in nocrowdsurfing,

snap crackle pop... no not rice krispies, MY NECK.

well two days of warped tour weren't enough for me so i went back yesterday, and i obviously had to go see thursday. the crowdsurfing wasn't that bad for me (possibly because i was against the rail and to the side), that is, until the very last song. i had been blocking myself from the crowdsurfer's evil practice when i was distracted by some stupid crowdsurfer who had been pulled out of the pit to the left of me and was trying to jump back in to it when i heard the "pop pop pop" of my neck cracking and i winced as my head slammed in to the rail as some fucking crowdsurfer steamrolled over me as if i was a big fucking pile of asphalt! CHRIST! i was trying to jump over the railing to sock her or at least do something but she got away. FUCKITY FUCK FUCK.

did i mention...


ps i am going to learn how to projectily spit (or whatever its called) so i can spit right in the crowdsurfer's eyes. yes. it will be a grand day.
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