Gimp Bizkit (gimp_bizkit) wrote in nocrowdsurfing,
Gimp Bizkit

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Crowdsurfers are asses.

I went to the Thursday, Thrice, and Coheed and Cambria concert in (EDIT: Philadelphia) last October. I got to see a bunch of crowdsurfers get dropped. One guy who got dropped decided to cut through this storage area and got crushed by a few kegs and cases of bottled water. And when he crawled out, quite injured, he got roughly handled by a guard.

And at the Y100 Feztival 2002, I got kicked, almost crushed, and elbowed in the face. They let me backstage after that, and I got to see all the crowdsurfers who fell on the pavement and got the forehead ripped up... and laughed at them.
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