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If there has ever been a community for me...

I'm so glad that this community was created, because I can't think of a group of people I want to kill more than crowdsurfers. I've had so many bad experiences with them. One that comes to mind was at last summer's Warped Tour while I was listening to Tsunami Bomb. Actually, it happened during the Suicide Machines, too. Crowd surfers forced me and my friends back from three rows from the stage all the way back to about twenty feet from the stage. Pissed me off...

I think that's not the worst experience ever, however. Last summer I also went to X-Fest, a rock event sponsored by a local radio station. During Powerman 5000's set people started crowdsurfing like they were fucking beachballs or something. But wait, it gets better. Suddenly there was this bigass blue plastic trash barrel flying over the crowd. Someone actually lifted the trash can and started crowd surfing it. And it was really heavy, too, and people had no clue it was coming up behind them, so I'm sure it did a lot of damage.

I saw it out of the corner of my eye or I probably could have lost one.

Kickass community, tho. I'm going to promote it in my journal. Surely someone on my friends list will join.
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