soup's on (crowdsurf) wrote in nocrowdsurfing,
soup's on

i'm not here to pick a fight

i hope i don't get bashed on just based on my username but i am curious to know your takes on the really small girls who crowdsurf and hold their feet up. i do crowdsurf and although i'm small i hold people up when they happen to surf over me as well. part of show for me is also the fans so sometimes you gotta take your eyes off the lead singers and be aware of what is going on around you - the pit, who's shoving, leaning, and keeping an eye out for what might be coming over your head. when i'm not in the mood to pay attention i don't go in an area where there is a possibility of them - you can see from the back too
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i actually wondered about you and i thought you were a troll. heh. anyway it's not really the little girls i have problems with, it's the large 200 pound males with big shoes. i once had one of those guys land on my forehead (snapping my head back and injuring my neck) while about 10 other people tried to pull him off me. the thing is i'm there to enjoy the band,not constantly watch my back to make sure some idiot isn't waiting to kick me in the mouth. there are rough people in the pit too, but for some reason my bruises always come from those damn crowdsurfers..not people moshing. i'm small too, and when a person twice my weight crashes ontop of me it can do some damage. you mentioned that you always keep your feet up and that's great. i wish other people would do that too. however, i'm sure it's difficult to control your body when people are tossing you every whichway. you probably have landed on someone or kicked someone in the head without noticing. so in conclusion, little or not you'll probably still get a pinch from me if you plan on surfing near my precious brain.

that was a lot longer than intended. so you might be my sworn enemy in the pit but uh..feel free to stick around and defend yourself! :)
troll? haha what?

well have fun with the pinching i guess then. with everything you give a little and get a little.
the problem with any crowdsurfer, no matter how small, is you can't see them coming and heads are hard. i've had a number of head to head collisions and those are possibly the most painful of all. part of the show is the fans, but it shouldn't be that you're looking behind yourself 75% of the time just to avoid injury.

i try to get to areas where they wont be, far off to the side, which pisses me off already because i want to be close to the band, but the crowdsurfers still come. AND you might get pushed into the center where even more people crowdsurf over you. not fun.
i've been stuck in bad situations almost every show but i get my way out of's not hard. you gotta do what you gotta do
I really hate all crowdsurfers, and think the premise is ridiculous. I think a small girl who crowdsurfs and hits me though will merely just get screamed at. I wouldn't run one over or cause serious harm.
if it counts for anything, you really can't hear a person screaming at you and a pinch really doesn't hurt that much when being help up by a bunch of people so all that really does is make you look like an ass when you brag about trying to hurt them going over you. you're better off just holding the person up and getting it over with
and i hope you don't take that as me calling you an ass or anything i'm just saying the other point of view of it or whatever
Ooh, see... there's the thing... I'm in a wheelchair, and thus my height does not enable me to just pass them. If I'm gonna get crushed by some moron... they're gonna get crushed too.
I wish I was a small girl...then I'd dance alot
okay...but who wants to be in the back?
someone who can't take the pits, crowds, or people messing up their hair
i can most def take the crowds and the pits, and who gives a flying fuck if your hair gets messed up? i just don't like getting kicked in the head every 2 seconds, kinda takes away from seeing the band.
Wow your all a bunch of whining bitch ass pussies. Do me a favor and go to a fucking Jonas Brothers concert.